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My name is Fred  and I served in the 1st Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment (1-RCR) from 1974 to 1981. I enjoyed my experience in the Canadian military and was passionate about serving as a soldier in the RCR.  Now I am proud veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. I will tell you more about myself as the web site begins to develop.

I come from a military family, with 13 serving members dating back to my grandfather. Two of my uncles paid the ultimate sacrifice in WWII, one in France and one in Italy. My father carried on the tradition of serving, as did all three of my brothers.

Canada maintained a Peace Keeping mission in the Golan Heights , the area along Northern Israel bordering with Syria, for 32 years. I was deployed there in 1979 on a 6 month tour, an eager and proud 24 year old Canadian soldier. However, it was there that I experienced many traumatic events that started a down-slide in my ability to cope with everyday life. Out of fear I relied on external stimuli to try an cope with nightmares, frustration, anger and resentment. That started my life of hell that would last 24 years and the loss my son to suicide before I was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). It was only then that I started to get the help I needed, from private medical practitioners and PTSD centres.I would like to point out that my recovery is ongoing and requires a daily maintenance,  I see professionals weekly and attend 12 step groups regularly, and give back by helping others.

One of my biggest challenges has been finding the help and resources that I needed to get my life back on track, rather that falling through the cracks in the system. I had to learn for myself what help I could get from Veterans Affairs Canada and the Royal Canadian Legion and other government and civilian resources. There are a great number of veterans and families that need help and the system is perhaps overloaded. Learning how to get help and how to persist until help arrives is essential.

Over the last few years, sharing my experience with addiction,homelessness, suicide and PTSD in the soup lines in the shelters of the streets with soldiers/ veterans and families of has been beneficial for me and for those individuals, there has been a lot of success, and some failure.

Helping veterans and soldiers is what I do. It keeps me alive with some purpose, peace and joy in my life, there’s not many days when I’m not trying to help soldier/veteran or family of, in someway, from the shelters to the hospitals to the retirement homes and where soldiers and veterans gather. On the good days you will find me in taking some of the older guys out for lunch, fellowship and laughs.

I would also like to thank all the other people from the media to other veterans and citizens that have jumped in with me that we could bring awareness to our veterans on the streets And make a difference in their lives, I want you know that,” we are saving lives and helping with food, clothing , shelter, hope, purpose ,peace and joy”. There is and always will be more  work to do. So again thank you.

I would also like to bring your attention to the blog, periodically I write something about recent events in my life and how it may impact others. I hope you find it entertaining and useful.





If I had not got the help that I needed I might not even be here today. The objective of this web site is to help other veterans (or their family and friends) find the help they need.


The story “I Am A Veteran”, linked below is from the VAC web site. It is not my story but an interesting story indeed!

I Am A Vateran

Click on the image for the transcript and video!